Video Marketing Statistics to Keep in Mind for 2024

There are numerous reasons to include video in your marketing strategy. Whether it be the chance of ending being higher in Google results or the likelihood of a higher conversion rate online video has remarkable results on the ROI of your marketing online efforts.

But, perhaps you’re not completely convinced at this point. If so, the only thing you have to do is look at the numbers. On this page, we’ve taken the time to gather 100 powerful video marketing statistics for 2024. We’ve arranged these stats into nine sections:

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How can video be used to improve the quality of online content?

Let’s look at 16 stats that examine the effects of videos on the Internet. This isn’t only limited to videos for marketing in particular but applies to all types of videos and sizes.

  1. One-third of internet activities are dedicated to watching videos.
  2. 100 million Internet users watch online videos every day.
  3. 55 percent of viewers watch online videos every single day.
  4. Over one billion hours of video content is watched on YouTube every day.
  5. Over 92% of Internet users around the globe watch videos online each week.
  6. On average, viewers go through 17 hours of video each week.
  7. More than 90 percent of those between 12 and 44 years old are classified as viewers of digital videos.
  8. There are more than 244 million online video viewers in India.
  9. Online video content has a global viewership of 92.3 percent.
  10. 65 percent of users choose YouTube as their top choice to watch videos.
  11. More than 75% of online videos are played by mobile devices.
  12. 92% of people who watch videos via mobile devices eventually share videos with other people.
  13. 75% of viewers prefer to watch videos in horizontal format, while only 25% of those prefer the vertical format.
  14. 80 percent of viewers will leave the video when it begins to load or buffer.
  15. 92 percent of viewers watch videos without sound.
  16. The average user retains 95 percent of the information provided in a video, however they can only keep 10 percent when they read text-based content.

What do businesses think of video marketing?

Most of the time, a reliable method to assess the efficacy of a certain marketing plan is to examine the way it’s perceived by other businesses. If a majority of companies are satisfied and satisfaction in the implementation of this strategy, then it’s an effective one to implement. To assist you Here are 11 figures showing how businesses evaluate video marketing.

  1. 91% of businesses make use of videos for their marketing.
  2. 71 percent of B2B businesses employ video marketing.
  3. 66 percent of B2C companies make use of video marketing.
  4. 69% of businesses invest in paid video advertisements.
  5. 88 percent of marketers consider video marketing to be an integral part of their digital marketing strategy.
  6. 30 percent of marketers say that video marketing plays a larger part in their overall strategy for marketing than their websites do.
  7. 36 percent of marketers say that their primary goal in video marketing is to raise brand awareness.
  8. 48 percent of content marketers believe that their businesses need to make use of video marketing to its fullest extent.
  9. 39% of businesses consider time as the most significant obstacle when conducting a video marketing campaign.
  10. Of the businesses that do not make use of video-based marketing, 15% avoid it because they don’t know where to begin.
  11. 68% of companies who do not currently use video marketing say they’re planning to start using it by 2024.

How do online users view video marketing?

We’ve seen how companies view videos for marketing. But what about the target audience for this type of marketing? What do users of the internet think about video-based marketing? Find out by reading these 18 statistics.

  1. 72 percent of customers have stated that they would rather learn more about products and services through videos.
  2. YouTube users are three times more likely to choose to watch videos on YouTube than read a manual based on text.
  3. 54 percent of email subscribers prefer emails with videos.
  4. 91% of users would like to watch more video marketing videos from businesses.
  5. 45 percent of the users want to watch the availability of live video on social media sites.
  6. 66% of users believe that short-form videos are more entertaining than longer-form ones when they are shared via social media.
  7. Watchers are 35 percent more likely to watch the video if it is personalized than those who watch a non-personalized version.
  8. 87 percent of users say that the quality of a film affects the confidence they have in the brand.
  9. 65 percent of users do not watch videos on the internet when they have a choice.
  10. 87 percent of business-related videos are seen by desktop computers.
  11. Over 90% of users find new brands through YouTube.
  12. A majority of customers view explainer videos before making a purchase.
  13. 70% of YouTube users are interested in learning about the latest products from manufacturers on YouTube.
  14. More than 55 percent of people make use of YouTube to aid them in making purchases.
  15. Over 40 percent of YouTube users have bought products they found on YouTube.
  16. 82% of customers have purchased the product or service they want after watching a promotional video.
  17. Of those who viewed a YouTube video in connection with a purchase they had planned to make, 80% stated that they watched it at the beginning of their shopping journey.
  18. 80 percent of people switch back and forth between web video and search when looking for products.

What kind of video do marketing professionals produce?

Now that we’ve established what customers and businesses feel about video marketing, let’s dive more in-depth into the details. What kinds of content do marketers make? The 12 statistics below provide the answer.

  1. 48 percent of the marketing videos are live-action.
  2. 24 percent of commercial videos are animated.
  3. 22 The majority of commercial videos are screen-recorded.
  4. 40% of videos created by customer service teams contain instructional videos.
  5. 20% of firms have produced thought leadership videos.
  6. 65 percent of all marketing videos are presentations.
  7. 40 percent of businesses have produced explainer videos.
  8. 32 percent of companies have produced videos for product demonstrations.
  9. Nearly 50 percent of all marketing videos are testimonials.
  10. 39 Percent of marketers who use video have created testimonial videos as part of their content.
  11. 53 A majority of companies have utilized live video content synchronously via webinars.
  12. 95 percent of marketers have reported success using videos in short form.

How can businesses make videos?

There are many ways to take on video marketing. The following statistics will provide some insight into how a lot of companies in the market are handling their video production process.

  1. 35 percent of videos for marketing are made from scratch.
  2. 48 The majority of the marketing videos are created using a combination of templates that have been made.
  3. 38 A majority of businesses make their marketing videos.
  4. 24 percent of businesses depend entirely on third-party agencies to develop videos for their marketing.
  5. 38% of companies split their video marketing among an in-house team as well as an agency outside of the company.
  6. 75 75% of video marketing professionals have employed artificial intelligence (AI) to assist them make video content.

How much do companies invest in video marketing?

Video marketing, as with all marketing strategies, is expensive. So, how much should you spend on your video? The answer can vary according to the method you choose. But, these three statistics offer a glimpse of the way other companies budget for video marketing.

  1. 60 60% of businesses spend 11-50 percent of their marketing budgets on video-based marketing.
  2. 85 percent of marketers are planning on keeping their current budget for video or increasing it by 2024.
  3. On average, companies increase their budgets for video marketing by 25% every year.

Which platforms on social media are the best for marketing videos?

One of the most well-known locations to post-marketing videos is through social media. What platforms are businesses using to promote their videos? Technically, you can utilize almost any social network. But which are the most popular? Find out using the following statistics.

  1. 90 percent of marketers utilize YouTube to market their videos.
  2. Facebook is the second most used video-sharing platform and 70 percent of marketers prefer to utilize it.
  3. 84 percent of businesses make use of Facebook as their primary channel for video advertising.
  4. TikTok is predicted to beat Facebook as the most popular social media platform for video marketing by 2024.
  5. 77% of companies have uploaded a promotional video on Instagram’s IGTV.
  6. For the companies that published videos on LinkedIn, 75% reported that it was successful.
  7. On LinkedIn, videos are posted 20 times more often than other types of posts.

What kind of outcomes can video marketing generate?

Perhaps you’re not happy with the general opinion of users and marketers as listed above. Perhaps you’re not convinced of the efficacy of using video to promote your business until you’ve seen some concrete numbers that demonstrate what specific metrics it enhances. If you are, make sure to look over the statistics below, which include 18.

  1. 86 percent of marketers claim that videos have helped increase web traffic.
  2. 82 percent of businesses mention that videos can help visitors stay on their site longer.
  3. Users stay on pages that contain video content three times longer than they do on pages that do not have video content.
  4. Blog posts with video content can attract three times the amount of backlinks as posts without video content.
  5. 90 95% of marketers say that the use of video has increased the ROI (ROI).
  6. 87 percent of marketers believe that video marketing has resulted in more leads for their businesses.
  7. 87 percent of marketers believe that video marketing has increased sales for them.
  8. Companies that employ video marketing can increase the amount of money they earn 49 percent more quickly than those that don’t.
  9. Businesses that utilize the video marketing experience have conversion rates are 34 percent more than those that do not.
  10. On e-commerce sites, video marketing can boost conversions by up to 80 percent.
  11. If you place the video on a landing site, you can boost the website’s conversion rate by up to 80 percent.
  12. The conversion rate of websites that have videos is 4.8 percent in comparison to a 2.9 percent conversion rate for websites that don’t.
  13. Social media posts that include video content receive twice as many people than posts that just contain images.
  14. Posts on social media that include videos earn 1200 percent more shares than image-based posts and text-based ones.
  15. Incorporating videos into marketing emails can increase the rate of clicks by up to 300 percent.
  16. 88 98% of marketers claim that video marketing has helped consumers better know their products and services.
  17. 90 percent of businesses claim they have seen video advertising that has improved the brand’s visibility among their customers.
  18. 62 percent of Google searches include video results.

What are the best practices for video marketing?

To conclude our lengthy checklist of video marketing statistics let’s look at some of the best practices you can apply when making your videos and running your campaigns. The below statistics will help you to get the most value with your marketing videos.

  1. 31 percent of companies create two to four videos every month.
  2. 65 percent of companies include captions in their videos to ensure accessibility.
  3. Due to the limited attention spans of viewers, marketing videos must catch the attention of viewers within 2.7 seconds or less.
  4. 81% of businesses find that incorporating some form of music in their video can help them perform better.
  5. 66% of businesses mention that incorporating voiceovers in their video can help to improve their performance.
  6. 24 percent of marketers believe that videos are more likely to become viral if they include humor.
  7. 60 percent of marketers identified engagement as the most important metric in video marketing to monitor.
  8. 36 percent of marketers believe that the main thing in creating videos is to capture the attention of viewers in the initial few seconds.
  9. 42% of businesses say that their videos have improved because of working with an agency outside of the company.

Video marketing services offered by WebFX

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